Children visit the offices of VíasChile on “Mini-Employee Day”

The VíasChile Group continues to strengthen the bond with its employees by creating moments to share with loved ones and reaffirming the importance of family life.

VíasChile held “Mini-Employee Day” for the first time when it opened the doors of its corporate office and of the offices of the four tolls roads to 120 children of employees.

During that day, the young ones visited each of the areas and gained a very didactic and entertaining understanding of the work that their parents do. They learned how tolls work, about environmental care, about the works process, operations, and the diverse sustainability programs, among other matters.

Andrés Barberis, Chief Executive Officer of VíasChile, remarked that “VíasChile is committed to creating a work environment where there is a balance between personal and professional life. Without a doubt, this day was recognition of the work and commitment of everyone who strives every day to provide the best service.”

The goal of this activity was to bring families closer and recognize the effort and commitment of everyone working in the VíasChile Group.

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