Members of Red Activa held their first meeting of 2023

Red Activa held its first official meeting of 2023 at the offices of PwC Chile, attended by representatives of different actors in the private sector.

Andrés Barberis, Chief Executive Officer of the VíasChile Group, and María Virginia Grau, the Company’s Chief People and Organization Officer, attended the first meeting of Red Activa, a community whose objective is a commitment to gender equity, inclusion and diversity.

At the meeting, activities for the coming months were planned in its now third year of existence. The new members of the network were introduced at the meeting, which lasted close to one and one-half hours: Antofagasta Minerals, Sigdo Koppers and Essbio. The other members of this network are: CCU, Copec Retail, Hualpén, Scotiabank, SMU and VíasChile. Now there are two companies in the community whose central offices are outside of Santiago (Hualpén and Essbio), which demonstrate geographic inclusivity.  The Red Activa organization is articulated by Fundación ChileMujeres and LT-PULSO in collaboration with PwC Chile.

During the meeting, activities were planned, like surveys to be conducted among member companies, in addition to talks that will be held at the TV studios of La Tercera. There was also discussion about how this type of meeting is key to networking and, above all, helping the country achieve greater inclusion and gender equity in the workplace.