VíasChile delivers equipment to the Quinta Normal and Curacaví fire stations

The purpose of the donation is to improve and facilitate how these fire stations combat fires and handle accidents.

The VíasChile Group, which operates the Rutas del Pacífico S.A. (Highway 68) concession, made a major contribution to the Fourth Fire Station of Quinta Normal and to the Curacaví Fire Station. The donation is around 10 million pesos to each fire station and its purpose is to optimize fighting structural and forest fires and vehicle rescues.

These donations are part of VíasChile’s collaboration to the localities through which its toll roads run so that it will contribute to the development of people and organizations that are important pillars of the community.

In the words of Christian Arbulú, Chief Operations Officer of VíasChile, “The private sector, especially service companies like ours, must be attuned to what an institution needs to perform its work. This contribution helps improve their equipment and lets them concentrate on their inherent task of service to the community.”

Ximena Moreno, Director of the Fourth Fire Station of Quinta Normal, located in the municipality of Lo Prado, thanked VíasChile “for such an important contribution and donation to the Institution,” which will help them better perform their work.

María Pía Tejos, Corporate Affairs and Community Manager, also said that “for many years now, VíasChile has had a commitment to our communities and to the territories where we are present, and the contribution we have made to the Fire Station is just one example of recognizing their valuable work and also one way of being present in this community of which are a part.”

The equipment will be of direct benefit of the community and inhabitants of Lo Prado and Curacaví.