VíasChile holds environmental workshops for children and youths in Casablanca

The purpose of the workshop was to sensitize the student community, make them think about their habits, invite them to be agents of change and live in harmony with their environment.

As part of the road towards a more sustainable society, in December, Highway 68 of the VíasChile Group held in-person recycling workshops at two schools in the municipality of Casablanca. The purpose was to sensitize the community and to think about the negative impact that some of our habits might have on the environment.

The schools participating in the project were Colegio Purísima de Lo Vásquez and Domingo Ortiz de Rozas. The activity targeted preschool, grade school and high school students.  The learning method was 100% didactic, so children were able to understand the subjects through games, observations and the exchange of ideas.

This project was held on a school day and involved four activities targeting the different levels of the community. In these modules, the students were able to see the effect of climate change on water shortages, learn about the responsible consumption of water, and understand the impact of liquid and solid waste on ecosystems. They also learned about the current status of water globally and locally, about the importance of taking care of this natural resource and the consequences of any shortage of it.

658 students participated, who, at the end of the school day, promised to care for water and to transfer their knowledge acquired to their entire community.

Please note that the VíasChile Group has a firm commitment to create more sustainable cities and will continue with its environmental awareness work during 2023.