VíasChile signs a collaboration agreement with the Fundación Down Up

It will support 60 families with speech therapy for their children with Down Syndrome, a treatment key to their development and insertion in society.

As one way of reaffirming VíasChile’s commitment to families living near its toll roads, last June the company signed a collaboration agreement with Fundación Down Up, an organization that helps parents and caretakers along the road of raising a child with Down Syndrome by giving them support and guidance.

The Foundation provides aid that ranges from workshops for families, training for institutions and health care centers, professional support programs (speech therapy, psychological care) and much more. VíasChile has therefore become a member of the Speech Therapy Support Program, which consists of accompaniment and assistance focused on a Biopsychosocial Model targeting families with children with Down Syndrome from the ages of 5 months to 3 years.

These therapies aim to stimulate communicative and cognitive development by playing games at home, teaching specific techniques of communication, learning and the use of gestures to promote social interaction in the different settings in which children with Down Syndrome interact.

Down Up brings together more than 900 families throughout Chile, so thanks to the contribution by the concessionaire, the organization has been able to significantly increase the number of participant families benefitted by this workshop.