VíasChile was a participant in the first children’s soccer tournament called «Condors’ Nest»

The activity was held in the Marista, Centenario and Regional Stadiums in the locality of Los Andes and the goal was to help integrate sports and healthy living by families.

Through Autopista Los Libertadores, VíasChile participated in the First “Condors’ Nest” Soccer Tournament. This activity, which integrates sports and healthy living, aims to support social work promoting collective development and athletic growth of future soccer players in the Municipality of Los Andes and our country.

The event was organized by Club Deportivo Trasandino in a partnership with EFE, a Spanish communications agency. The Boys Under-12 and Girls Under-14 categories competed, and professional teams, local clubs and soccer schools participated. There were 12 boys teams and 12 girls teams, who disputed the first cup of the championship.

The Tournament itself created moments of relaxation and family time where parents, children and youths were able to enjoy this sport. VíasChile had a stand at which it handed out gifts to the public, held contests and other recreational activities.

This tournament and the awards ceremony were held on December 8, 9 and 10 and were broadcast as a special event on social networks. The awards ceremony was led by Raúl Rivera Martínez, Mayor of Los Andes.